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Warmth, Love, and Individualized Attention for Your Infant

At Quality Foundations Childcare, we specialize in providing attentive and nurturing infant care for newborns up to 18 months. Our experienced educators prioritize the emotional and physical well-being of every child suited for real infant learning curves, maintaining a ministry-standard ratio of 1 educator to 3 infants.

Understanding that infants embark on their unique human journey, we focus on instilling values of trust, confidence, and security. Our collection of educational toys for babies, for example, is designed to inspire early learning and development. Our thoughtfully curated toys provide a fun and engaging way for little ones to grow. Our educators cultivate relationships by fostering a loving and warm environment that caters to the individual needs of each child.

Start your child on a supportive and loving path by connecting with us.

Carefully Customized Routines

Recognizing the importance of flexibility, we acknowledge that infants often follow their own schedules. Upon registration, we request parents to fill out an Infant Daily Routines form. This ensures our educators can create a personalized schedule, fostering a sense of belonging and love for your child. At Quality Foundations Childcare, we are dedicated to providing a supportive foundation for your infant's early development journey.

Infant Daily Routines

Please fill out the following form so we can get to know your Infant and their unique schedule. You can bring this form in with you when you drop off your Infant.