Junior Preschool

Preschoolers are our busiest age group with so much growth and development in this stage, they are so eager to learn! Our staff work with Preschool children to touch, taste, smell, hear and test things for themselves. Teachers support the children as they learn by experiencing & doing. The staff programming guides the children in learning through play with activities which are developmentally appropriate.

The class has two hours of outdoor time to help burn some energy as well as develop those gross motor skills. In class, the children have a circle time where they read, sing, talk about letters, numbers,shapes & colours and much more! The Preschoolers do participate in a mini phonics program as well as French instruction to help prepare them for school entry.

If three is the age for doing, then four is the age for finding out! “why?” being their favourite word. Our staff create a space that encourages exploration and development of the imagination through dramatic play, storybooks, props, and art materials. They encourage appropriate ways of socializing and resolving conflict. This age benefits from opportunities to explore and create and see their minds evolving through play.

The children complete daily worksheets to practice printing the “letter of the week” as well as their names. They participate in a weekly french lesson which focuses on basic language (numbers, basic words etc) Through creative learning methods, our teachers implement a fun and engaging curriculum for the children to learn effectively and reinforce what they are learning at school.

Classroom Photo's